Sean Payton Contract Speculated to be Voided

Sean Payton Contract Speculated to be Voided

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According to an ESPN report, the NFL has voided a contract extension that was signed in 2011 by Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, which could potentially make the suspended head coach a free agent at the end the 2012 NFL season.

Speculation has it that the contract was voided due to a clause that would allow Payton to void his contract if Mickey Loomis was suspended, fired or left the New Orleans Saints.

The NFL didn’t want this contract to set a precedent for other coaches and rejected before they levied their suspensions on Loomis and Payton for their participation in the bounty scandal.

Some believe that the Payton’s current contract could be tolled, which would see him coach the final year of his current contract during the 2013 season.

As if the Saints needed any more distractions this season, now this comes to light. While some will speculate that Payton’s relationship with owner Tom Benson will be enough to keep in New Orleans, I’m not so sure we should be quick to assume that. Payton will have the chance to be woo’d and recruited by plenty around the league, and guarantee there will be plenty of perks thrown his way. I wouldn’t be so naïve to think that a person can’t be swayed by the lure of power and money. Also considering the Cowboys aren’t doing the greatest, him spending loads of time there, and knowing that Jerry Jones isn’t afraid to throw loads of money to get his guy, that could definitely be a possibility if he does end up being a free agent.

I just wonder when will all this bounty stuff be over. It seems as if it’s not going anywhere, and the progress we thought was made is always washed away by some report weeks later. Perhaps quick draw Goodell acted a little too fast with his rulings now that we have all these questions months after the fact.

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