Kobe Bryant Adds More History to his Resume

Kobe Bryant Adds More History to his Resume

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Kobe Bryant is in his 17th year in the NBA and 34 years of age and still producing at an elite level. There aren’t too many players that have been able to play this late into their career and still put up the numbers that he’s been able to so far.

He’s currently averaging 30 points a game leading the league in that category above Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, James Harden and LeBron James.

Where Kobe is still creating history, he tallied his 116th 40 point game and while tallying his 10 straight games with scoring 30 points. The Record for most games with 40 points remains with Wilt Chamberlain who has scored 40 points 271 times. He also holds the record of most consecutive games with 30 points with 65 in a row.

To give what Kobe is doing some perspective, Wilt scored achieved his 30 points consecutive streak in his 3rd season and age the age of 25. Kobe is 9 years older with 14 more years of experience. Factor in that Kobe has played under 4 different coaches in the span of 2 years and his minutes, points, and field goal percentage averages all improving between the 2011 season to now. Add in the fact that he’s been dealing with a knee injury, it would be easy for him to sit back rest on the fact that he has 5 championships 1 MVP award and that he’s the second greatest shooting guard in the history of the NBA and shut it down.

No matter what you deem Kobe to be, selfish, a ball hog, you can’t deny that he’s prolonging the end of his prime better than any other superstar than we’ve ever seen.

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