Raven Fire Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

Raven Fire Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

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Some will say its desperate, one thing is for sure, John Harbaugh is not waiting for things to get worse to realize he should’ve made a change months before.

The Baltimore Ravens fired their offensive coordinator Monday morning and promoted Jim Caldwell who was the teams’ quarterbacks coach. The firing comes after the Ravens loss in overtime to the Washington Redskins.

Harbaugh spoke on how the move wasn’t about fairness, or right or wrong, but the responsibility that he had to his team.

“It’s not about fair or unfair, right or wrong. My responsibility is to the whole team and what’s best for them right now. We need a change. Our plan and our goals are to win games, win our division and get to the playoffs. With our coaches and players, the solution is in the building. We are going to make the most of our opportunities going forward, and this change gives us a better possibility to achieve our goals.”

The Ravens currently sit at 9-4 atop the AFC North as division champs, so their playoff lives are secure, and they can finish no worse than 4th. So making this move now of all times may not be the worse idea. They still have a shot at home field advantage and if they happen to falter they can use this time to work out the kinks they may have with Caldwell before they get to the postseason.

Harbaugh has repeatedly had his team ready to play, and finds a way to press the right buttons to get his team going, lets see if he called this right too. I would say figuring out whats wrong with that defense is more the issue, because on offense my solution would be very simple. How many times has Ray Rice touched the ball, whatever number that is, it isn’t enough and you need to target him again. Joe Flacco is good, but when you have an all-pro caliber running back, ride that horse until he proves he can’t carry the load.

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