Richard Sherman Wins Appeal, Won’t be Suspended

Richard Sherman Wins Appeal, Won’t be Suspended

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When the odds seemed against Richard Sherman the most, he stood by his word and fought for what he knew was true.

“I know what the truth is and anybody else who knows anything knows what the truth is. The truth has been told today. People can say what they want, there are always naysayers. I have great teammates and great coaches and great fans and that’s all I care about.” Richard Sherman

The truth is, Sherman won his appeal of a 4 game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy for performance enhancing drugs (PED).

According to the Associated Press Bob Wallace a former NFL executive who overturned the suspension found that collection process was not ordinary. Which resulted in Sherman winning his appeal. Wallace expounded on his reason for granting Sherman his appeal.

“Insuring a sample is collected properly is the cornerstone of the program and when an event occurs that does not happen routinely or that the collector has never experienced while collecting the sample it is incumbent upon that collector to note what happened. Accordingly, Mr. Sherman’s appeal is granted and the discipline is reversed”

Recently the NFL has taken a few losses, from the Saints bounty gate suspension reversals, to this. While the old saying of you can’t fight city hall might still ring true, the NFL is showing they are quite beatable right now.

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