Best of the Manti Te’O Photoshop Memes

Best of the Manti Te’O Photoshop Memes

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By now, every one knows the story of Manti Te’O getting catfished and thinking he was in relationship with a girl that died of cancer.

Well, the internet which has no heart has had their way with Manti and his imaginary girlfriend.

Well I have compiled the best of the photoshops for you in one easy place. Scroll through and enjoy.

dos equis guy manti te'o

manti te'o fake girlfriend 1

Manti Te'o lance armstrong and oprah





Stevie Wonder Manti Te'o

tommy from martin manti te'o

manti te'o love fake bitches






manti te'o got fake bitches

lance armstrong and manti te'o

manti teo hugging fake girlfriend






eastwood lecturing manti te'o fake girlfriend

fan struggle at teoing manti te'o

fan teoing 2 manti te'o






fan teoing manti te'o


ludacris teoing manti te'o






manti te'o fake girlfriend 2

manti te'o fake girlfriend 3

manti te'o fake girlfriend vs aj mccaron girlfriend






manti te'o girlfriend vs aj mccarron girlfriend

manti te'o imaginary girlfriend

manti te'o lance armstrong catfish






manti te'o talking to fake girlfriend

manti te'o teoing

manti te'o texting his fake girlfriend






manti te'o with fake girlfriendtebowing vs teoing manti te'o

manti te'o catfish 1






manti te'o have you seen my fake girlfriend


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