Browns Hire Michael Lombardi Hired as VP of Player Personnel

Browns Hire Michael Lombardi Hired as VP of Player Personnel

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Lombardi was most recently working for the NFL Network as an analyst, he hasn’t worked for an NFL team since 2007 when he worked for the Oakland Raiders.

The Browns top brass now consist of Joe Banner, Lombardi and Rob Cudzinski. Joe Banner in the introductory press conference described that all decisions on personnel will a collective effort and that if they don’t all agree, then the move won’t be made.

From the way the Browns are putting together their current regime, it seems as if Joe Banner is aligning things up so that he has more power than he did in his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. Banner is known as the cap, the guy that could figure out a way to construct a contract under the salary cap. Joe Banner left the eagles after saying his work was done.

However, him and Jeffery Lurie were long time friends, it wouldn’t make sense for you just to leave a organization you helped guide to 5 NFC championships and a Super Bowl appearance.

Hopefully Browns fans don’t have to deal with a guy who is bent on flexing his muscles and showing that he can do the job and more about making sure the Browns are successful.


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