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John Wall Slated to Return to From Knee Injury Saturday

John Wall Slated to Return to From Knee Injury Saturday

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Washington Wizards guard and former number 1 pick John Wall is aiming to return to the court for the first time in the 2012-2013 season after suffering from a stress injury to the left knee cap.

Wall on his injury said he wanted to take his time and come back when he was completely healthy.

“Knees are serious. I just took my time and made sure everything was right. Hopefully, everything continues to go well so I can be back out there with my team on Saturday,”

Wall has missed 31 games so far and the Wizards record currently stands at 5-28. The Wizards hope to pair rookie Bradley Beal in the backcourt with Wall and deliver a dynamic offensive attack.

While the Wizards will be better with Wall than without, the team won’t see a big improvement in their record. Wall is going to have to get into playing shape and acclimated with his teammates, some he’s never played with before.

In the next 19 days the Wizards will play 11 games including a 5 game west coast trip where they play the Clippers, Nuggets, Kings, Jazz, and Blazers. So Wall will face some of the top point guards in the league, so there won’t be much time to ramp up, as he’ll be facing the likes of Chris Paul, Ty Lawson, and Damien Lillard.

To set the expectation, I wouldn’t look for Wall to produce like he did in his first two years, what I would hope to see is his decision making remain at a high level. Keep the turnovers to a minimum. He’s averaged 16 points over his first two year, however I wouldn’t expect that from him consistent for a few weeks

Source USA Today

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