Manti Te’o Knew Girlfriend was Fake December 6, Received Call that She Faked Her Death

Manti Te’o Knew Girlfriend was Fake December 6, Received Call that She Faked Her Death

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As more information comes out on the whole Manti Te’o situation the weirder it gets. From a post on the Star Advertiser, Manti found out on December 6 that the girlfriend he thought he had was indeed fake when he got a call from her phone saying she had faked her death because she was scared for her life.

Here’s an excerpt from Star Advertiser story;

Manti Te’o has told family and friends that the woman who was the voice of his fictitious girlfriend “Lennay Kekua” called him in December and said she had to fake her own death months earlier to elude drug dealers, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser has learned.

The woman, who has yet to be identified, tried to re-engage a relationship with Te‘o months after she supposedly had died of leukemia in early September, the Notre Dame All-American linebacker has told the people close to him. The account was shared with the Star-Advertiser by a source close to the Te‘o family.

According to the account, Te’o asked the woman to transmit a photo to him with a date stamp, which she did, but this did not allay his suspicions and he later told his family and Notre Dame officials about being scammed.

At this point Te’o needs to come out and give his side of the story, instead of it leaking out little by little and at this point people are tired of hearing things in statements and from everybody else but him.

Source Star Advertiser

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