Peyton Manning Congratulates Ray Lewis After the Game

Peyton Manning Congratulates Ray Lewis After the Game

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peyton manning ray lewis meeting

After losing in double overtime and losing to the Baltimore Ravens 38-35 after skipping his post game interview, met with Ray Lewis in the locker room.

Let’s consider what it is they could’ve discussed. Perhaps Peyton was asking Rev Ray tips on a speech to give his team next year. Maybe he asked him could he come to Denver to be their emotional leader.

Most likely they were probably congratulating each other on a highly competitive game, and while Peyton was probably saltier than a case of Lawry’s seasoned salt, he did show good sportsmanship to go speak to Ray after the game.

Something to watch for through out the week, is if Peyton will get crushed by the media for skipping his post game press conference.

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