Tracy McGrady Say He Never Played Kobe One on One

Tracy McGrady Say He Never Played Kobe One on One

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Tracy McGrady

In response to an interview Kobe Bryant did with ESPN, Tracy McGrady is refuting the claim that Kobe beat him 3 times in a game of one on one. McGrady says, they never even played at all.

McGrady issued his denial of the event on his twitter page;

“LOL Hell no! That’s far from the truth. No one in the NBA is playing 1 on 1. Me and KB never went to Germany together either..”

Well now it’s a case of who do you believe. Kobe or McGrady? I’ll say this, him getting beat 3 times sounds a lot more believable than they never traveled to Germany together. Remember when they were both signed to Adidas back in the day? It’s quite conceivable that they were in Germany together on Adidas business, and that’s when they played.

If you ask me, I’m rolling with Kobe’s story, it’s much more entertaining.

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  1. Your tripping if kobe was 20 t Mac was 19 he was in Canada and never had back problem until Orlando so Kobe saying that makes no sence it’s a lie and lest not forget tracy was a beast so Kobe beating him that easy is a joke even when he was on the pistons he has always gave Kobe buckets so what make a person thing in his prime he can’t beat him ….. And he’s not a ball hog

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