Bruins Rookie Dougie Hamilton is Impressive!

Bruins Rookie Dougie Hamilton is Impressive!

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It looks like rookie Dougie Hamilton is impressing the right people! The general manager of the Boston Bruins, Peter Chiarelli, is realistic in that he knows that some struggle is part of having a talented, young rookie on his team but he is also impressed by him.

Hamilton is only 19 years old and playing in the NHL so he definitely has time to prove and improve himself even more than he already has. It seems to me that with continued support from those in the Bruins organization, Dougie Hamilton is only going to keep progressing!

I know I look forward to seeing what he can do. Personally, rookies are among my favorites to watch in any sport. Fresh, young talent ready to make their mark! As a sports fan, you’ve got to love and appreciate that.

– Nikole Davidson (@SportsWithNikki)

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