Johnny Football a Little too Famous?

Johnny Football a Little too Famous?

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Since winning the Heisman Trophy back in December, Johnny Manziel’s life has changed for both good and maybe even some bad. With appearances at Okahoma City Thunder basketball games, on the town with his model girlfriend Sarah Savage and most recently with the cast of Duck Dynasty at the Super Bowl, Johnny is truly living the dream of winning the most prestigous honor in sports.

On the other side of things according to an article by the AP, Johnny is still finding time to be an almost normal college student. Due to his recent streak of fame, Manziel finds it tough to go to campus sometimes and is now currently enrolled in 4 online classes that he takes from his off campus home. He was at one point enrolled in an English but then switched out of it to avoid such extreme distractions and scrutiny that comes along with being a newly found public figure.

The other part of his fame that has been questioned is how is he paying to go to all of these professional sports events. Manziel though has submitted all information about where he was going and how he payed for both the Thunder games and the Super Bowl to the school and NCAA before attending. When asked what he thought of all the scrutiny he has been under Manziel said, “People are gonna say what they want regardless.”

Manziel will be back on the field hoping to lead the Aggies their first national championship since 1939 when spring practice opens on March 2nd.


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