Change for the Yankees

Change for the Yankees

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The team that wears the pinstripes is being questioned after being beaten up in the playoffs last year and now a plethora of injuries for the Yankees is causing everybody to question the team. Now after the news that Mark Teixeira may be out longer than expected it is now time to look at the move that the Yankees must make.

Since most teams at this point will not be looking to dump players or make trades with the regular season just 10 days away. One team though that is not expected to perform is the Minnesota Twins and they have a player in Justin Morneau that is very appealing to the Yankees.

He is in the final year of his contract so he is cheap and the Twins would not be looking to get a whole lot in return. The Yankees could use Morneau at first til Teixeira gets back, and then could bring him off the bench once Mark returns. The Yankees could get Morneau for Jayson Nix, a minor league reliever, and by paying his salary for this year. It is not a whole lot to give up and the gain could be huge. The only question is will Cashman pull the trigger. Time will tell.

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