Perfect End for the Big East

Perfect End for the Big East

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When this weekend comes to an end and the brackets are set one phenomenon in college basketball will have written its final chapter. Due to the craze of conference realignment for the better of college football one of the greatest and most historic conferences in the game will be disbanded.

Even though this is the 11th hour of the conference, there might not be a better way to end it with the matchups we will see in the final three games at the Mecca that is Madison Square Garden. 4 of the most storied franchises in all of college hoops will matchup in the sprint for the final Big East Championship.

The first matchup tonight at 7 will feature the greatest rivalry in Big East history as Syracuse will face Georgetown for the final time. This matchup has seen its fair share of ejections, technical fouls, lost teeth, black eyes, and dramtic moments. The anticipation of this game is even higher after the Orange got drummed that week scoring only 39 points against the Hoyas, giving the Orange one more shot to prove that they are the best when it matters most.

Then in our second game we see a matchup of Notre Dame and Louisville. This matchup earlier in the year gave us a 5 overtime thriller leaving everyone on the edge of their seat, opening the door for a Notre Dame player that transferred from Michigan State, and left others shaking their heads at Russ Smith AKA Rusticulous and his bizzare shots.

Both matchups should be spectacular and should be just a preview of a great Big East title game no matter who wins and maybe opening the door for one of these teams to even win the whole Big Dance as the Big East says goodnight as we know it.

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