Streak Over for the Good?

Streak Over for the Good?

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lebron-james-jason-terry-dunk-elite-daily-485x323                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The most impressive winning streak within the last 20 years in the NBA is over but the Heat should not be hating on the Bulls. They should instead be sending them a Thank You Card. Even though the James Gang came just 7 wins away from the longest streak in league history, completing it could have spelled disaster for a deep playoff run.

Through the first 2/3 of the long haul that is the NBA Season the Heat were merely on cruise control, knowing that they could flip the switch at any point and bull their way into the playoffs. (no pun intended) Let’s just say the switch was flipped on Feb 1st and since then they didn’t drop a game until a couple of days ago.

The Heat should welcome the ending of the streak because most teams that have a 12 game lead with under 20 to play in the season are taking off practices and sitting at the end of the bench eating fries and wearing your best suit, but with the pressure of the streak weighing on this team no one could take a day off even when they were banged up.

Now the Heat should rest and get ready for the playoffs. The recipe for sucess should be giving each guy about 5 games off in a rotation style, and then with about 5-8 games to go get everyone back going and locked in on the playoffs.

The streak itself was impressive for sure but it wouldn’t have meant a thing if they broke the streak and then came out flat in the playoffs. The Heat can now refocus on their title defense.

Doug Day @YankeeBaller415


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