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The ESPN Factor

The ESPN Factor

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The image of thousands of rowdy and excited college hoops fans is becoming less of a surprise and more of a precedent in the game of college basketball this year. This years influx of upsets in college basketball has left many analysts speachless and awestruck for answers on the cause. Today I will give you the answer why 19 teams ranked in the top 5 have fallen to the unranked this year.

In time where Twitter is king and ESPN is a 24 hour sports new outlet. The magnitude of every game is more emphasized than ever. This is what I like to call the ESPN Factor. Every game is more scrunitzed, analyzed, and victimized more than ever, giving the underdog more knowledge and confidence to pull off the unthinkable. If this impossible upset can be pulled off the unknown team will jump to the top highlight on Sportscenter. So know that we understand that ESPN and the hype and popularity they bring causes more upsets. How will the ESPN Factor effect the outcome of the NCAA Tournament.

The perception of how the NCAA Tournament usually goes is that of a microcosm of the season at large. I think that will not be the case. Once the teams are locked into the tournament, focus will be reestablished and the upsets will be lower than ever in the Big Dance. I think once again whoever the top 4 seeds are will make it to the elite 8 with maybe one lower seed sneaking into the Final Four (hopefully my Syracuse Orange).

So in the year of the court storming they will likely begin reduce as the big dogs gain control, refocus, and look past the might and powerful sports god that is ESPN.

Doug Day @YankeeBaller415

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