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Tim Tebow to Start?

Tim Tebow to Start?

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The most polarizing figure in the NFL that never even started a game last year was thought to be out of a job in not just New York, but in the NFL altogether. But things have changed for Tim Tebow following the signing of new Jets GM John Idzik. Idzik said earlier this week that he does not only want Tim to stay with the team, he thinks Tim will have a shot at the starting quarterback job.

This decision was made after Idzik met with season ticket holders and the decision was made to keep Tebow to increase the competition at the starting quarterback position. Some speculation is still out there that this statement is only being made to disguise the hand that Jets might be playing when it comes to the roster moves of Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow who was brought in at one point last year as a realistic shot to contend for the starting quarterback job was quickly disgraced and dispacted of in a way not seen ever by a quarterback who won a playoff game and turned a team around the season before. The remaining months should be interesting to see what the Jets do with the most criticized and yet most popular player in the nation’s most popular sport.


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