Mike Rice Out at Rutgers.

Mike Rice Out at Rutgers.

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The man we see above will no longer be seen patrolling the Scarlet Knights sideline following his firing as the Rutger’s men basketball coach. In a day an age of Youtube, social media, and viral videos it was only a matter of time until Mike Rice would meet his fate.

The video leaked to ESPN by former assistant coach of Rice, Eric Murdoch, is disturbing in its nature with Rice seen throwing balls at players, shoving players, and yelling homophobic slurs at players and coaches. The situation was taken care of quickly as Rice was fired this morning less than 24 hours after his rage was seen all over all news outlets.

Ultimately Rutgers had no real choice after giving Rice a chance to clean up his act and not seeing any improvement. Another leading factor for sure had to be the call to fire Rice by New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie last night. It will be interesting to see if just Rice goes or if the tree is shaken more with more personnel falling from it.

For now Rutgers must dig deep into the investigation and find out what happened and if others were involved. Basketball must now take backseat to this even though the team is on their way to the Big Ten soon. We have not heard the last of this for sure.

Doug Day  https://twitter.com/YankeeBaller415,   http://espn.go.com/new-york/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/9128825/rutgers-scarlet-knights-fire-coach-mike-rice-wake-video-scandal

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