Ryan Nassib Will be Number 1 QB.

Ryan Nassib Will be Number 1 QB.

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The 2013 NFL Draft might not be packed full with top flight quarterbacks, but this draft could be important for one young man who not many people know about Ryan Nassib.

Nassib is a 23 year old from West Chester, PA who played his college ball a Syracuse University. He is underrated in almost all categories and should go as the top quarterback in this draft.

Many think Geno Smith from West Virginia will, but his lack of mental toughness, struggles with reading the defense, and overrated arm he will likely fall to the 2nd round. Some say Matt Barkley will be the next big thing, similar to a Drew Brees. All I see is the USC quarterback curse continue. The biggest question mark for Barkley is whether his shoulder is healed enough for the weak armed young man.

After looking at the first two then we look at Nassib. He has a great arm, high football IQ, good athleticism, and the mental poise of playing on a rebuilt team. The only question is if he will get a shot to start in the league.

Watch out for the 8th pick the Bills hired his college coach Doug Marrone and Nassib would love to play in Buffalo. All in all Nassib will be the top QB from the 2013 draft in 5 years.

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