Clay Buchholz: Cheater or Gamer?

Clay Buchholz: Cheater or Gamer?

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Over a week ago everyone around the country was talking about the great pitching of Clay Buchholz (6-0 1.01 ERA). Now they are discussing not about his pitching performance but the possibility of him being a cheater.

After his start in Toronto, Blue Jays broadcaster, Jack Morris, came out and said that he suspects Buchholz of throwing a “spitter”. The spitter is not an illegal pitch by rule, but is frowned upon due to the lack of control a pitcher can throw this pitch with. Maybe though we can’t look at Clay as a cheater but as a gamer.

A lot of what people call cheating now a days in baseball is just better gamesmanship. Some say stealing signs is cheating, but if you are smart enough to notice signs and pick up on them more power to you. Buchholz did say he had water on the hip of his uniform to enhance grip on the ball.

In a performance based industry that is professional sports, Every advantage must be taken and for Buchholz coming off a rough year last year he needs to make a statement. I applaud Clay for coming up with this idea, throwing the pitch, and owning up to it at the end. Buchholz will be deemed gamer not cheater.

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