Kobe Bryant Once Swam with Sharks

Kobe Bryant Once Swam with Sharks

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We all know Kobe Bryant to have supreme confidence and no conscious when it comes to the basketball court. Well, it was revealed recently from  Nike designer Eric Avar that he and Kobe swam with sharks.

From Ball Dont Lie Nike Pr Rep Daniel Burge got a picture taken Eric Avar and the caption of the photo is below;


“Avar witnessed Kobe Bryant’s alpha male personality firsthand on a deep sea fishing trip about 60 miles from Newport, California. “There are sharks, whales, dolphins all around, and he’s like, ‘If I jump, will you jump?’ I’m like, ‘Dude, we just saw sharks.’ He says, ‘Come on.’ No sooner do I say okay, he takes off his shirt and jumps. I literally grab my camera, and got this shot just in time.”

This should come as no surprised, Kobe has played with broken fingers, broken nose and even shot free throws on his ruptured achilles. So him risking his health by swimming with sharks doesn’t shock me at all.

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