MLB to Expand Instant Replay

MLB to Expand Instant Replay

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In 2008 groundbreaking technology was added to major league baseball, instant replay. From that point til now all umpires have been given the option to review home run calls whether they were fair or foul and if they cleared the fence. For the stubborn league that is baseball this was big. But now it is time for more.

The system has been used around 20 times in 5 years and has been used correctly almost all the time. (yes Angel Hernandez you screwed up) But in a year where more and more tag and plays on the bases are being blown it is time to help out the illustrious and unaccountable umpires that patrol America’s pastime.

To fix a failed system Bud Selig should take a page out of Little League’s book and copy their replay system. Give each manager 2 challenges to use during the game. If you win one of the first 2 then you receive a 3rd. Instead of running to a tunnel to check the replay. Have a 5th umpire at the ballpark sit in a camera well and then when a play is called into question the crew chief can go ask him and the call will be made quicker.

It would be easy to implement these new rules all around the game. The only thing that Bud Selig must do is admit that umpires are human and that make the changes that are necessary to make the game right.

Doug Day  @YankeeBaller415


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