Alex Rodriguez is Ready to Play.

Alex Rodriguez is Ready to Play.

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Less than a week after being sent back to Tampa with a grade 1 quad strain, Alex Rodriguez says he is ready to play. This news comes following a second opinion by controversial Dr. Michael Gross. The Yankees have said that ARod is not ready to play and he will play when the Yankees say he is ready.

The conspiracy swirling around the Hall of Fame third baseman is that the Yankees are playing up the injury to avoid playing him before MLB officials invoke a possible lifetime ban. The lifetime ban would be brought down on the grounds of a close relationship with Bio-Genesis founder, Anthony Bosch, multiple violations of PED use, and possible tampering with evidence against him.

The only problem is if the Yankees are found to be working in cahoots with Major League officials more of punishment could be brought down on the club and ARod would receive the rest of the money owed on $275 million contract.

The decision will be made within the next few weeks.

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