The Fall of Johnny Football

The Fall of Johnny Football

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Just over 8 months ago we saw a young, innocent, sparkling quarterback raising the Heisman trophy in New York City. Since then Johnny Manziel has been living the life of a rock-star and through his twitter account has brought all of the world along on the journey.

Much of his actions are now being brought into question since his departure at the Manning Passing Academy last week. Manziel overslept when his phone died and many have wondered if this story is true or if he was hungover after a party the night before.

This is not the first blip on the radar since winning the Heisman and more of his past is coming to light as we get to know this young man more and more. He has shown that he is a party animal, has been in trouble with the law after a bar fight in 2012, is arrogant after pushing a grad assistant, and slamming loyal followers on Twitter.

Many people are shocked but what has come to light with Johnny and why this stuff hasn’t come out before. Even though he hasn’t blazed the perfect trail as a Heisman winner, but the way our society is built if he performs on the field no one will care how many beers he drinks or fans he slams on Twitter.

Doug Day  @YankeeBaller415


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