Joe Girardi’s Future Up in the Air

Joe Girardi’s Future Up in the Air

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Following a season of injuries and big stars departing one more might be leaving the ranks of the pinstripes for greener meadows. Reports from many media sources and Joe Girardi himself say that he is considering not returning to the Yankees as the team skipper.

Girardi managed the Bronx Bombers for 6 seasons and led them to the 2009 World Series championship. Speculations are that Girardi could go to the Cubs near his hometown to manage or even get back into broadcasting.

It is hard to believe that Joe would give up on the Yankees and not go out on top in the Big Apple, but with his children growing up and getting into sports more maybe a path back into the broadcast booth is even more appealing.

Time will tell what the former catcher will do. Either way a tough decision will be made and some feelings might get hurt.

Doug Day @YankeeBaller415


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