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Video: Warren Sapp Asks; When Hasn’t Rick Ross lied?

Video: Warren Sapp Asks; When Hasn’t Rick Ross lied?

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warren sapp on sway shade45


Warren Sapp recently stopped by the Sway in the Morning show on Shade45 and discussed his recent honoring at the 29th annual Great Sports Legends Dinner with the likes of Pedro Martinez, Hakeem Olajuwon, Joe Sakic, Grant Hill and more.

He was asked about his rumored Super Bowl bet with rapper Rick Ross and which Sapp replied with”how many times have you known Rick Ross to lie?” He goes on to explain that he advised Ross not to bet money on Seattle, which if true, Ross should be upset with Sapp for giving him bad advice.

However, Sapps’ account of how the story got legs, he just retweeted a tweet and paid no mind to what the tweet said is kind of silly. Retweeting something is similar to cosigning someones statement.

Do you believe Sapps’ side of the story, you be the judge, peep the video below.


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