Is Braxton Miller Rooting for Oregon to the Buckeyes?

Is Braxton Miller Rooting for Oregon to the Buckeyes?

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After The Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide people have been picking sides on who they think will win the championship game between the Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks. Vegas already has the early line with the Oregon as a 7 point favorite.

Well Vegas aren’t the only ones rolling with the Ducks, injured Buckeyes qb Braxton Miller is picking them to win as well… Wait what?!

I didn’t believe it either until I saw the picture proof evidence.

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While I’m not the biggest conspiracy theorist, let’s examine a few of the reasons Braxton might’ve picked Oregon to beat his own school.

5. He’s using reverse psychology to motivate his teammates. Out are locker room speeches, in are twitter beefs and social media stunts.

4. He wants his own team to lose so he has a better chance of getting his position back. Face it, he’s technically third behind Cardale Jones and JT Barrett. He can basically start the ball rolling on they aren’t good without him.

3. He hit the wrong button. We know how funny touch screens can be, you’re half ass paying attention to what you’re doing and next thing you know you’re being insubordinate against your own school. Honest mistake.

2. He was bookmarking this tweet to re tweet it out later. For whatever reason he didn’t just re tweet in right then, he wanted to make sure all his followers saw it.

1. He was hacked/someone else was using his phone. We’ve heard this excuse many times before. Perhaps this is one of the few times it’s actually true and it wasn’t him at the helm of the smartphone faux pa.

If you ask me I’m going with reason number 3, it makes sense and he couldn’t lack that much self awareness to think that no one would look at his favorites right?

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