America’s Game: The Fantasy Football Edition

America’s Game: The Fantasy Football Edition

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It all started in January 2013. That was the year when the owner of Jbsmooth84 and the Zeke’s show met. They met as co-workers and over the years developed a bond that only true sports fans could ever understand. With Jbsmooth84 being a true fan of the Cleveland Browns and Zeke’s show owner a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the two always had interesting conversations about Football and so much more.

With both owners partaking in fantasy football over the years, this was the first time, the two partook in their favorite time of the year together. However, things were not looking promising for jbmsooth84 and his team. He was given the first-round draft pick and had reservations with the idea that there would be thirteen more picks before his turn comes around again. Now the time came for both teams first match up. With his overzealous confidence, Zeke’s team did beat Jbsmooth84 by double digits Taking away the first-place spot from jbsmooth84 after starting off the season perfectly with a score of 7-0. Jbsmooth84 was not taking his loss lightly at all. He was on a mission to redeem himself after their only regular season matchup.

To see the overall outcome watch the production put together for the fans wanting to know what happen to the Zeke show, Jbsmooth84’s team and their four plus year friendship.

America’s Game: The Fantasy Edition 

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