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The Knicks are an interesting bunch of guys, one superstar who suffers from Tracy McGradys’ syndrome and can’t get out of the first round, another star who can’t stay healthy and a bunch of players who are either old or nobody else wanted. Carmelo Anthony is starting to get to […]

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Now that the drama of trading for Dwight Howard is over, the Nets can focus on trying to become a legit contender in the East. They traded for Joe Johnson to pair with Deron Williams which instantly gives them one of the top 5 back courts in the NBA. If […]

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The Atlanta Hawks, the best analogy for them, they’re the chick on the side, never given the chance to be girlfriend number 1. The Hawks are consistently 4th or 5th seeds in the East but are never thought to be title contenders. A roster with their two best players being really good, […]

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Injuries contributed to the demise of the Boston Celtics last year, making it to the Eastern Conference Finals was quite the accomplishment for a team that was hobbled by injuries and aging. The Celtics have reloaded letting Ray Allen leave for Miami but getting Jason Terry to fill his place. […]

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